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Kegiatan Pemotongan Hewan Kurn

Jl. MPR No. 30 A
Cilandak Barat
Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 021 750 6152
Fax : 021 759 17 685


Why must be at Dwi Matra Islamic School? The Educational System built in every Islamic Schools ran under Dwi Matra foundation really concerns in an interactive teaching approach and actively supports the students to participate in any events, develops confidence and effective communication skills. Concerning that Emotional Development is completely important in facing the future life in society; Dwi Matra Islamic School places a great attention on developing the ability to think creatively and independently to reach their intelligent talents.

At Dwi Matra Islamic School, the curriculums are aligned with National Curriculum which are structured and enhanced to provide outstanding educational opportunities that will help every student to reach his or her potential. The key to success is providing the right learning environment staffed by caring teachers who love to teach and nurture each child's special talents.

The syllabus is adapted thematically and structurally to allow our students to explore and maximize the knowledge and experiences.